Don’t Let Myths Spoil Your Caribbean Dream

There’s a trend going round and it’s one that’s been puzzling me for some time. A lot of my friends (and some family members) but mainly work colleagues and acquaintances, have all at one time or another intimated to me how they would love to go on a Caribbean holiday but can’t even think about it because they have heard how expensive it is all year round.
This was puzzling because I thought why would the Caribbean be any more expensive all the time than say going to Dubai?
So, with my investigative head on, I decided to check this out and of course, lo and behold, what do I find? No truth in this assertion whatsoever.
Okay, there may have been a few highs in prices at certain times of the year, but compared with other holiday destinations there really was no difference. There were peak and low seasons just like other places but what I discovered is it was in fact cheaper to go to the Caribbean instead of the Med during our British summer season and late summer. Not only that, but I noticed some cracking package deals for Antigua holidays, for instance, that would be well within the range of those who like foreign travel.
Caribbean holidays expensive all year round? It’s a myth folks!
Following on from that revelation – I came across a lot of comments from people on various travel sites asking about the Hurricane Season and was it safe to travel.  The consensus seemed to be from those who have experienced holidays in the hurricane seasons and who left comments in reply to the queries, that there really is nothing to worry about. Some went to the islands during this time and didn’t experience any hurricanes while others said it only lasted a day or two, even more were very complimentary about the locals and accommodation sites saying they were well looked after and that all the staff knew what they were doing and what precautions to take.
The bottom line seemed to be that travelling to the Caribbean in the hurricane season was a great time to go because that’s when the prices are at their cheapest. Some even said it added a little extra excitement to the holiday! 
A journalist and reporter for many years Mitch enjoys investigating Life's little wonders for The Holiday Place and many other domains and topics. Click here to find out more.

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