Cuba Holidays – Some Facts To Get You Started
16.07.2013 03:13
It’s always good to get a bit of background information if you are travelling to a new country for the time, so here are a few facts about Cuba for all those who may be wondering about the lay of the land there.
As it is the biggest island in the Caribbean and given its’ revolutionary past there is something of an assumption that Cuba might be a dangerous place to visit. For the most part the answer is No, Cuba is not a dangerous place to visit, although, as with any other country or island it is always best to stick to the areas that are most known for tourists. It is never a good idea wherever you are in the world to go wandering off on your own without guidance. 
Cuba is also quite safe to take children to and in fact the island has many hundreds of activities with kids in mind, so it’s not all cigars, salsa and rum! Cuba is a very family-oriented island and is rich in cultural and social happenings that are suitable for all the family, as well as kids.
Another misconception is that Cuba holidays can be ruined by frequent hurricanes. Again, this is not true. While it is true that Cuba can be subject to around a dozen hurricanes a year they occur throughout the year and not all in one go. Besides, no one can accurately predict the weather so there is no way on earth you can ever be sure you will be hurricane-free when you book your holiday.
On the subject of things being “stormy” it is often thought that if you’re going to Cuba your stomach and taste buds will have to be prepared for an onslaught of fiery food. Again this is another misconception, as Cuba is actually renowned for having a very mixed and varied range of dishes that can be as hot as you like…or not hot at all. Cuba is no different from any other nation or region of the world as it has a diverse population that will naturally have diverse tastes when it comes to cuisine.
So, there it is; if you were thinking about booking a holiday to Cuba but had some doubts, you can now book with relative ease.
By Mitch Wicking
A journalist and reporter for many years Mitch enjoys investigating Life's little wonders for consumercheckpoint.co.uk,  http://holidayplace.co.uk/ and many other domains. He currently wrote an article about Simple, Sensible Savings on Multi-Center Holidays. Born and bred in London, father-of-three Mitch now lives and works aboard a beautiful narrow boat on a peaceful marina in the heart of England which he shares with his Leicester “duck”/muse. Check out his Google plus profile for more information.


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