Incredible Cuba in the All-Year Sun!


The Caribbean with a twist; a history of communist struggle, a society of citizens that go crazy at the sound of bongos, an eclectic picture of colonial buildings and 50s cars that roam bustling city streets pulsating to the tunes of salsa music; Cuba holidays are about so much more than you can possibly imagine from historical tours to spectacular city breaks or relaxing beach vacations for the whole family.
Cuba holidays are a brilliant choice if you’re looking for a balance of culture, history, and a plethora of beautiful sandy beaches. It’s no wonder that many people return year after year once they’ve discovered Cuba’s charm. It also benefits from year-round sunny weather, something that always appeals to holidaymakers!
Here’s a sample of what you can expect:
Succumb to the hypnotising tunes of saxophones, trombones, trumpets and piano in Cuba's sensual jazz clubs, such as the famed La Zorra y El Cuervo and The Jazz Cafe, both in the Vedado district of Havana. Salsa lovers will find a myriad of dancing venues, with teachers on hand to help you learn the steps. And a visit to Cuba's cigar and rum factories will add flavour to any trip. 
Beach Life
White sands and turquoise waters characterise Cuba's beaches, making idyllic sunbathing spots easy to find. Whether it's in popular beach resorts, city shorelines or nearly deserted islets and keys off the mainland coast, it's hard to find a better place in the world to catch some rays.
History marks the daily life of Cubans, with figures of the revolution ever present. To fully appreciate the past, visit sites such as the Revolution Square in Havana, the Bay of Pigs in Playa Giron, Che Guevara's burial site in Santa Clara and Trinidad's quaint colonial streets.
Kayak, fish and sail in Cuba's calm waters, swim with dolphins, windsurf in the trade winds or scuba dive in spectacular marine parks, like the ones found in Maria La Gorda, Jardines de la Reina and Jardines del Rey. The brilliant blue waters of the Caribbean are ideal for both beginners and more experienced divers.
Music and dancing come as standard throughout Cuba. Expect live music coming from virtually every corner in the streets of Old Havana and go for unique shows like the Tropicana cabaret in Havana to get a real feel of Cuba's exotic dances and rhythms. In the popular beach resorts you'll find more discos, nightclubs and dancing lessons, as well as shows under starry skies on desert islands retreats.
Adventure & Wildlife
Hike, horseback ride or rock climb in national parks and mountain ranges, or discover hundreds of species of birds, animals and plants in Cuba's beautiful nature reserves, including the UNESCO World Heritage Reserve at Vinales Valley and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve at Cienaga de Zapata. The diversity of landscapes and nature inspire and enthral in equal measure, especially the Escambray and famous Sierra Maestra mountain ranges.

Billy, 35, became hooked on Havana when as a young boy his parents took him to see the city. From that day Billy decided he wanted to be an expert on world travel, and work as a Travel Consultant. He has been writing for The Holiday Place for the past 5 years. You can also check out his other blog post about Can a Package Holiday Really be Cheaper than Private Booking? through this link.

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